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7/6/06 01:44 pm - djthiskingdom - The horror, the horror.

'In just a couple of minutes only a sooty wooden skeleton remained,' she said. There were no immediate suspects, but Olander said that one of two men seen running from the scene was wearing a Father Christmas mask.Collapse )

3/29/06 08:38 pm - sonja - The Local, Sweden -- Ethnic and Economic Segregation Worsens in Sweden

Ethnic and Economic Segregation Worsens in Sweden
Published: 28th March 2006 12:43 CET

hough the majority of Swedish residents have experienced improved living conditions since 1990, more have also become marginalized, according to a report submitted on Tuesday to the Swedish government by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

More Swedish residents are working, compared to figures from 1990, and fewer are receiving welfare subsidies.

But between six and seven percent of the population remains marginalized from Sweden’s labour market and social security net, indicating a polarization of social welfare, according to the report.

Ethnic segregation is increasing in large city regions, which is coinciding with economic segregation, the report concludes.

"The differences between where poor and rich live correspond to the differences between where poor southern Europeans and non-European immigrants live and where better-situated native Swedes and other immigrant groups live," the National Board of Health and Welfare stated.

TT/Jody Sherwood

Source: http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=3400&date=20060328

3/29/06 08:35 pm - sonja - The Local, Sweden -- Swedish Government Funds Malmö Mosque Repair

Swedish Government Funds Malmö Mosque Repair
Published: 27th March 2006 17:23 CET

The Islamic Centre in Malmö is to receive three million kronor in government funding for rebuilding and repairing damage caused in the latest attack on the mosque.

The government said that the donation was based on the fact that the Islamic Centre is important and contributes to creating the image of Islam in Sweden.

"The Islamic Centre is a significant player in integration work and its work, religious, social and cultural, reaches many people in southern Sweden," said Lena Hallengren, minister with responsibility for religious issues.

TT/The Local

Source: http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=3392&date=20060327

3/29/06 08:31 pm - sonja - The Local, Sweden -- School to Fail Racist Pupils

School to Fail Racist Pupils
Published: 29th March 2006 19:21 CET

Pupils at a junior high school in Kungälv risk being failed in social studies if they sympathise with racist or neo-nazi organisations. The National Agency for Education has reservations about the school's initiative.

Ytterby's junior high school cites guidance in the national curriculum that pupils must be able to apply basic democratic values in society, reported Sveriges Radio's 'Ekot' news programme.

"That's one of the key aims and if you don't meet the aims then you can't pass in a subject," said principal Ann-Charlotte Brandberg on the programme.

According to the prinicpal, pupils are not allowed to make insulting comments about their class-mates or other people.

"We have freedom of speech and we're careful about applying it. But we are also careful about how we treat others."

Ingegärd Hillborn, senior lawyer at the National Agency for Education, finds the school's actions dubious.

"If the teacher has taught about democracy and its principles and the pupil shows he or she has understood the subject, but then says 'I think dictatorship would be a better style of government', the pupil has knowledge on the principles of democracy but is of a different opinion. In such a case, it's the knowledge which should be taken into account when deciding the grade," said Hillborn.

Ytterby school has about 670 pupils and has experienced problems with nazism and racism. This decision was recently taken at a parents meeting. The school was then reported to the justice ombudsman by the regional Liberal Youth Association.

School minister, Ibrahim Baylan, refused to comment on the case. However, his party colleague and member of parliament, Luciano Astudillo, said the move by the school contravened freedom of speech.

The Liberals' education spokesman, Jan Björklund, thinks it's unacceptable to lower a knowledge-related grade for holding certain views.

He highlighted instead his party's proposal to have a grade for good behaviour as a way the school can influence anti-social attitudes.

"Schools must be able to send a message to pupils who don't treat others with respect. That's why there's a need for a new grade for behaviour," he said in a press release.

Metta Fjelkner, chairwoman of the teachers' association, had similar criticisms and underlined that it was not allowed to incorporate behaviour into a grade for a subject.

"Teachers should obviously try to combat [racist] tendencies and they can do so in various ways. However, it's wrong to punish pupils for having the wrong views or abusing others," she said.

Andy Butterworth

Source: http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=3415&date=20060329

2/26/06 10:49 am - ex_miss_dec - National Socialists!

Introducing natl_socialism a new community focused on understanding the principles of National Socialism. We are not a neo-Nazi group. This is a group specifically designed for people who are interested in the ideals of nationalism, socialism, environmentalism, and tradition.

Mods, please delete if you feel this in inappropriate to your group.

9/3/05 04:28 pm - sonja - "Make Swedes mentors for immigrants"

A fifth of the Swedish public would consider being a mentor for newly arrived immigrants, according to a report from the Swedish Integration Board.

Now, Minister of Equality and Integration Jens Orback says he wants to harness this enthusiasm to boost integration.

"For me, this is about a reciprocal mentorship, where native Swedes should also be integrated in the new Sweden, and not just the opposite," wrote Orback on Svenska Dagbladet's debate page, Brännpunkt.

In the Swedish Integration Board's report, The Integration Barometer 2004, which was presented on Thursday, it also emerged that more than half of the Swedish population is ready to contribute to helping immigrants establish themselves in society.

Just 14% of Swedes say they feel negative about immigration. According to Jens Orback, that is the lowest in Europe, with 50% of Danes and 59% of Finns saying they are opposed to immigration.

"This great interest in getting involved with the work of change is an important base and starting point for the ongoing task of integration," wrote Orback.

"I want to urge the hundreds - if not thousands - of political organisations around Sweden to harness the will which exists and act as ambassadors between new and old Swedes."


8/31/05 01:36 pm - sonja - Oslo to get Jewish Museum

The Jewish Community and the Oslo City Museum have received NOK 900,000 (USD 131,000) from Arts Council Norway to establish a Jewish museum in the Norwegian capital. The funds will be used to produce and promote a permanent exhibition and to plan the museum's premises in the synagogue in Calmeyer's Gate.

"Opportune, and important for us to show the exhibitive side of our culture. We are the oldest immigrant group in Norway," sid Rolf Kirscher, leader of the Jewish Community in Oslo.

A similar project in Trondheim display life in Jewish communities there and further north.

"Here there will be presentations and enlightenment. The level of knowledge about minorities in Norway is regrettably low and the young are an important target group. The museum will not only show our historical culture, but also contemporary," Kirscher said.

The Arts Council said in a press release that the project aims to collect and preserve objects and memories that can illuminate the Jewish history and culture in Norway, with an emphasis on the immigration and integration into society from 1851 to the present day.

The museum is to be ready in 2005 with the old synagogue from 1920-21 acting as a kind of frame, but this historic building will require extensive renovation.


8/31/05 01:35 pm - sonja - Quisling's home now tolerance center

The imposing mansion used by Norwegian Nazi-collaborator Vidkun Quisling during World War II was turned over Tuesday to a research center that will work against ethnic hatred and intolerance.

The Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Norway will use the Villa Grande for displays and research activities focusing on the Nazi-led genocide of 6 million Jews. It will also raise awareness about the persecution of other minorities.

Quisling was executed at the end of the war for setting up a puppet government that collaborated with German occupation forces. His name remains a synonym for traitor.

After Nazi troops invaded Norway in 1940 and Quisling proclaimed himself "Minister President", he picked Villa Grande as his home, and moved in with his wife, Maria, in 1941.

Five years ago, the government decided to restore the mansion and turn it over to the center as part of a settlement with the Nordic nation's Jewish community.

During the Quisling years, about one-third of Norway's prewar community of 2,100 Jews died in the Holocaust and much of their property was stolen.

In March 1999, parliament set aside NOK 450 million (USD 69 million) to compensate Jewish families for property stolen by the Nazis and to fund community projects. Of the total, NOK 40 million (USD 6.1 million) was earmarked for the center.


8/26/05 08:37 pm - sonja - "All terrorists are Muslims"

Progress Party leader Carl I. Hagen sees the fight against terrorism as a fight against Islam.

"I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, but we have seen that all terrorists are Muslims," Hagen told Aftenposten after an appearance on TV 2 on Thursday, referring to the attacks in London and New York.

Hagen said that comparisons to Northern Ireland and Basque terrorism in Spain were "national conflicts" that did not fit into the picture.

On TV 2's program Hagen said his party wanted tougher measures to battle terrorism, and said that "we must expel people who resist western values and encourage terrorism". Hagen said that measures must be taken against those who spread fear and rejected the idea that his stance might do the same.

"No, no absolutely not. We fight for democracy and freedom of speech," Hagen said.

The head of SOS-Racism, Trond Thorbjørnsen, believes that Hagen runs the risk of standing accused of fearmongering if such legislation is passed.

"It is peculiar that a law and order party distinguishes between terrorism in internal Christian conflicts and terrorism in international conflicts where Muslims are involved. This doesn't matter much to the victims," Thorbjørnsen said.

Aftenposten's Norwegian reporter
Lars Nehru Sand
Aftenposten English Web Desk
Jonathan Tisdall

8/26/05 08:35 pm - sonja - Police want refugee cooperation

Police want asylum seekers to be obliged to notify authorities of their location.

About 2,000 asylum seekers have disappeared from reception centers in Norway so far this year, and authorities have no clue as to where they are.

Now police want their workload cut, and want asylum seekers to be duty bound to report their location, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports.

The problem is especially acute with asylum seekers who have had their application rejected, and police hope that such regulations would make it easier to carry out deportation orders.

- Aftenposten Norway
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