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"All terrorists are Muslims"

Progress Party leader Carl I. Hagen sees the fight against terrorism as a fight against Islam.

"I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, but we have seen that all terrorists are Muslims," Hagen told Aftenposten after an appearance on TV 2 on Thursday, referring to the attacks in London and New York.

Hagen said that comparisons to Northern Ireland and Basque terrorism in Spain were "national conflicts" that did not fit into the picture.

On TV 2's program Hagen said his party wanted tougher measures to battle terrorism, and said that "we must expel people who resist western values and encourage terrorism". Hagen said that measures must be taken against those who spread fear and rejected the idea that his stance might do the same.

"No, no absolutely not. We fight for democracy and freedom of speech," Hagen said.

The head of SOS-Racism, Trond Thorbjørnsen, believes that Hagen runs the risk of standing accused of fearmongering if such legislation is passed.

"It is peculiar that a law and order party distinguishes between terrorism in internal Christian conflicts and terrorism in international conflicts where Muslims are involved. This doesn't matter much to the victims," Thorbjørnsen said.

Aftenposten's Norwegian reporter
Lars Nehru Sand
Aftenposten English Web Desk
Jonathan Tisdall
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