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Oslo to get Jewish Museum

The Jewish Community and the Oslo City Museum have received NOK 900,000 (USD 131,000) from Arts Council Norway to establish a Jewish museum in the Norwegian capital. The funds will be used to produce and promote a permanent exhibition and to plan the museum's premises in the synagogue in Calmeyer's Gate.

"Opportune, and important for us to show the exhibitive side of our culture. We are the oldest immigrant group in Norway," sid Rolf Kirscher, leader of the Jewish Community in Oslo.

A similar project in Trondheim display life in Jewish communities there and further north.

"Here there will be presentations and enlightenment. The level of knowledge about minorities in Norway is regrettably low and the young are an important target group. The museum will not only show our historical culture, but also contemporary," Kirscher said.

The Arts Council said in a press release that the project aims to collect and preserve objects and memories that can illuminate the Jewish history and culture in Norway, with an emphasis on the immigration and integration into society from 1851 to the present day.

The museum is to be ready in 2005 with the old synagogue from 1920-21 acting as a kind of frame, but this historic building will require extensive renovation.
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