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This community caters to anyone interested in the preservation of the Nordic people and their ancient Germanic (or Finnish) culture. News articles pertain to issues such as immigration and foreign policy from a Fenno-Scandinavian viewpoint. Our lingua franca is generally English, but posts are allowed in any Scandinavian language. Please keep them behind a cut tag, for most members won't be able to read them.

Members are encouraged to post within the community. News, pictures, stories, ideas, and general discussion relative to Scandinavian nationalism are welcomed.

To be clear, Eldsken is a racially oriented as well as a culturally oriented group.

Moderated by sonja.

New moderators and contributors are always welcome, especially those who can offer sources from Finland, Denmark or Iceland (the present moderator keeps up with a limited number of media outlets from Sweden and Norway, so there is currently a large focus on these countries that is too concentrated in particular news sources).


Rules: Please do not post long bodies of text or large images without the use of a cut tag. Irrelevant, immature, or crude subject matter will be deleted. Civil debate is permitted here, but flame wars are not.